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#020: It's not a bad thing to fall in love with me....or so Aomine says
It's like a blessing in disguise that I can't download my Arashi videos since July 'cause stupid internet freezes if it's direct download but would actually finish my torrents (it sucks, big time). At first it was painful cuz I needed to ask mommy for my Arashi videos but hell, she lives down south and I'm up north that we only meet every one or two weeks.

Thanks to my curiosity about Yamakenken's character in L-DK, I started reading mangas and apparently watch animes again after a looooooooooooooong time. And yeah, I am mostly still alive even after everything that's happened the past few months XD

But last night, my summer 2014 ends with Free!'s last episode. I've cried over the last three episodes even last night, see my Nagisa-bb and Rei cry and I just can't with graduating seniors and separation too okay, but all is well that ends well, I guess? Plus they did have the sakura pool in the end, congrats xD

It's been what, ten years since I properly watched animes because that damn Ninomiya got my full attention (not that I regret it or anything), and it feels like I am catching up with the things I've missed. That's some major catching up to do XD I've watched some of the shoujo mangas I've read and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Sukitte Ii na Yo would be my favorite shoujos (give me a Yamato pls? Huhu). Haru and Shizuku's love story, I can relate to it in some way, and I can say it's really deep. Then there's Sasayan too, I love that guy <3 good thing he ended up with natsume, my otp ;u; Best friend says I should stop with my shoujos, tho. But I want to feel all warm and fuzzy and make my heart go kyuuuun~ so I read them. I gave up on finding love in real life. OKAY NO JOKING.

And my DoM side has always been there, still reading things even though it hurts so much. /screams my Hirunaka feels Everybody wants Mamura for Suzume, but I've always been for sensei. I won;t give up on my Shizume. Although I am too attached at that manga, idk what to feel now that it's ending. /creys But Aoharaido hurt so bad, I had to stop reading the manga, unless Kou gets to be happy already. Even when he has a lot of issues, I still love him, and will wish for his and Futaba's happiness together. AND THANK YOU KOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO KAJIYUU <3 That guy, I could just take him home with me and send me to sleep every night with that voice. Yeah, thank you very much, sir. I have to apologize tho, cuz I still can't watch SnK. I don't like gore. And the muscle man in ep. 1 keeps haunting me. I need to grow up a bit more then maybe I can watch. OTL

My favorite would have to be Gekkan Shoujo and I probably have watched each episode at least thrice. It never fails me laugh to the point that mama scolds me. She thinks I'm crazy -____- I love Hori-chan-senpai. I love Mikorin. I want Hori-chan-senpai to notice Kashima. And I'll keep cheering Chiyorin. It pains me seeing her relationship with Nozaki, but c'est la vie. As long as you spend time with him, and it makes you happy, go on. :)

I knew this would be a long post. Damn, I just have so much feels. I haven't even said how sports animes ruined my life (and I even made mommy watch these things /proud).

To everyone who has told me to watch these things, thank you very much. Countless times have I screamed at my screen just because too much is happening in the series. The action, the drama, the stupid acts. Everything. They even made me think why I wasn't born athletic! I don't do sports, except badminton and table tennis. I don't know how I passed my PE subjects. LOL. And the worst best part is, you can't help but love everyone. Even the likes of Trashkawa who's supposed to be annoying but I love him, Tsukki too. (okay, I just had to mention him cuz reasons xD).

I'll miss Free and Haru's relationship with water-senpai and saba, Mako always getting Haru in the morning, Nagisa's bubbly side (and his iwatobi cream bread), Rei's backpack (seriously, i want that thing), Rin doting on Ai (well, yeah), Sousuke's obvious jealousy, Momo's noisiness (the koala and kangaroo omg), and just everything. I wanna find someone who's like Mako to Haru and I want a friendship like theirs (childhood friends, i wish i had one ;__;). Can we have Haikyuu season 2 already? Cuz I like the next chapters in the manga. More Kenma-bb <3 (also how kageyama deceived me cuz i never thought he was the stupid type hahaha). And Suga-mama, you're awesome. I love you~ :3

And it's been a month already but i still haven't gotten over Kurobasu. Even though I don't play basketball, it's my fave sport. And I've been watching basketball in real life since before, which makes it more special. I love that anime. So much. That I could go on and on and on about it every single day. I've been doing nothing but rewatching my favorite episodes, read fics, listen to the cds. Most of my tweets on both of my accounts have been about it. It's understandable though, that anime is awesome, yeah? I really have no words about my feels for Kurobasu. I can't wait for season 3. More Akashi, yay! I prefer the Teikou!Akashi, cuz his hair is better. LOL SCISSORS. I just have to say that Imayoshi still creeps me out more, sorry not sorry. And with all the characters, mangaka-san is genius. And again that part where you just love everyone, opponents or not, you can't help it.


I think it's destiny cuz he's yellow, and his uniform is blue. He's noisy like most of my types, bright and cheery like the sun. And I find him cute when he turns whiny, and when he's bullied and when Kurokocchi rejects him, he becomes the most adorable. I could feel his bias towards Seirin too, and I'm glad he's changed. That KiseKuro song is nice! I like the meaning of Your Membership, where Kise enjoys playing again and this time, loving his own team and he knows he's not alone in the court. He now shines brighter. <3

My biggest problem, however, lies in the partner of yellow - blue. At least in my dictionary, they always go together. Until yesterday, I was in a love-hate relationship with Aominecchi, but in the end I gave in. He's one of those guys who is like-my-ichiban-but-really-no-and-they-continue-to-break-me-into-pieces-i-cannot-do-anything-about-it, just like Satoshi, Hiromitsu, Daikishi (coincidentally, hihi xD) and Yamakenken. I never exepected to love him like this, not when I keep cursing him for being such an asshole, but manager-san was right, I'll love him in the end. It's the same thing with Rin, I didn't like him at first but now, I do. I didn;t know what that tanned asshole did to me, but I'm fine with it. It's the "I didn't think you'd mean so much more to me and now I can't live without you." kind of thing. XD And I didn't even think Aokise would be my otp. Yep, maybe I really am destined with yellow-blue people. (Ohmiya lives within me ;u;) I saw what you did there with Haizaki, Aominecchi. Hihihi. Just, I hope you play one-on-ones with Kise-bb for the rest of your lives......

And Suwabe-san, I am not scared of you anymore (kaname tho, forever creepy :>), yay! I love you and I adore your voice. *___* And you even have your own playlist on my phone. /diesssss Wait til I have more of your songs. Again, I stepped into the seiyuus land. No regrets, just love xD This is the same as what I was from before, that time when I really loved Midorikawa Hikaru and Tomokazu Seki. I still do, and I even have Break Through and Kimi Ga Ita Scene (my favorite SekiTomo songs <3), in my phone after so many years. This is exactly why I need a new SD card, with all the character song albums, plus Arashi + Kisumai + HSJ + Flumpool discographies, my space is crying. XD

'Til next season~ I'm waiting for Ookami Shoujo and Sakupyon as Kyouya! ;u;

So what have I been putting here. I just found an excuse to write about my Aomine-feels. AOMINE DAIKI RECEIVED THE AWARD FOR GREATEST LIFE-RUINER 2014. Suddenly a monster post of nonsense after not being able to open LJ for weeks. It hurts tho, I can't put other icons cuz I already have 15 </3

SuiYan is waiting for me. I hope I get to watch it soon. Because Yamakenken's and okay Yudai too there and it's involves the water and swimwear. =)) ALSO SHIYAGARE AND VSA (my baby looks so good in yellow tonight *__*). I NEED MY ARASHI DOSE. /kicks our router

But for now, I'll continue reading Kamisama Hajimemashita. :D


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