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#018: [FIC] And I Won't Stop Until You Believe It
Title: And I Won't Stop Until You Believe It
Author: iloveohmiya
Pairing: Ohmiya
Length: One-shot
Words: 1,458 words
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Ohmiya.
Summary: Ohno knows, and he understands. Nino isn't even trying to hide that fact.
Notes: Late birthday fic post for Kazu! This came up because of the constant cheering of  nino1711azuki and  ica_90 throwing this prompt back at me (tho I don't think I did justice to that? LOL.) Well thank you, bbs! I definitely missed Ohmiya. T^T Also, shamelessly stealing one line from JT's Not a Bad Thing as title cuz I've been listening to it the whole time I was writing but totally unrelated to this thing. Unbeta-ed. Forgive my mistakes :)

Happy, happy birthday Kazunari!

With Nino, it's both simple and complicated.

It doesn't take a long time for Ohno to realize how he can read Nino like an open book, even without words, he knows what the other man is thinking or what he wants.

Nino doesn't like it fancy, but if he may, Ohno would give Nino the world. Okay, maybe not the world. Anything, everything, that he is capable of. One of Ohno's favorite things is seeing Nino's smile, much more so when he is the reason for him to be happy, and he even has a growing list of how to make a Happy-Nino.

As easy as it may seem, there are still those times when Ohno is lost, that no matter how much he tries not to, there would always be that instance when Nino loses that smile.

The look Nino had when he saw him painting for someone else, Ohno knows, and he understands. Nino isn't even trying to hide that fact, and it isn't the first time it happened. It always does, as if Nino is telling him, How dare you, Ohno Satoshi. But within minutes, it would disappear, like it wasn't there at all, but that won't stop him from doing anything to sort of make up for it because I made Nino feel bad.

And that night is the same, he plans on making it up to the younger man. He grabs several pieces of paper and colored pens from his sea of art materials, and spends the next two hours scribbling on them.


At 11:56, Ohno rings the doorbell outside Nino's apartment.

Nino would most likely take  a two and a half minute trip towards his front door, Ohno thinks, and another minute arguing why in the world did Ohno ring the doorbell and not just use the spare key. Then Nino would shut up, and Ohno would be able to greet him at exactly 12.

Only that is not what happened.

In the end, Ohno had to use the spare key to let himself in. It is quite unusual though, since no television sounds could be heard from the doorway, or even sounds of a guitar playing.

If not for the small light coming from the living room, Ohno would have thought that no one is in there, that maybe Nino has gone somewhere. He feels relieved when he catches sight of Nino asleep with his head on the table.

A small smile forms on Ohno's lips as he got closer to the younger man, carefully brushing away the strands of hair to let him see Nino's face fully.

Ohno is torn between kissing him or letting him sleep peacefully. The latter one won and he makes his way to Nino's bedroom for the spare futon. He doesn't want to deal with a complaining Nino in the morning if he wakes up to an aching neck or an aching back.

The silence in the apartment is disturbed with the sounds coming from NIno's phone. Not wanting to wake Nino up, he mumbled an apology before opening Nino's phone to switch it to silent mode. To his surprise, an unsent message is what he found.

Satoshi, are you busy? Well, if you can just drop by here, and...that is if you're not that busy.

Ohno chuckles a bit and this time, he does not resist the urge to kiss Nino lightly on the cheek.

"I told you, you can ask me for anything," Ohno says quietly as he half-carries Nino, glad that he doesn't wake up (probably because he's been too tired to care for anything at that moment) and slips in beside him, holding Nino in his arms.

Whatever he came for that night can wait, anyway.


Ohno wakes up five hours later with an idea popping in his head, not minding if he's still sleepy and could spare a couple of hours more. He doesn't want to wake the man beside him so he carefully slips out of the futon and goes to the kitchen.

He rummages through Nino's fridge and cupboards to get the necessary things, thankful that he did not have to go out and buy the missing ingredients (which means that Nino has just gone grocery shopping a few days back, or he hasn't been eating properly again. He'd have to ask that later.)

Something catches his eyes, from the top most shelf and his smile grows wider. He remembers Aiba giving this as Christmas gift with Nino yelling afterwards, "How the hell am I supposed to use that thing?!". He keeps a mental note of thanking Aiba later.


"Satoshi? What are you doing here?"

Ohno turns around and sees Nino leaning against the kitchen door, hair disheveled and shirt hanging loosely off his shoulder.

No one is supposed to look this beautiful when he comes from a deep sleep, and stops himself from pinning Nino against the door and kissing him senseless. He just smiles though, and goes back to what he was doing.

He feels accomplished the minute he finished and brings it for Nino to see.

"This is not much, and I could get you one properly later if you'd like, but I made this with everything I have, so yeah...happy birthday, Kazu."

On the tray were 31 little heart-shaped pancakes, each with something written on them, and strawberries and cream on the sides.

Happy birthday Kazunari! I love you! :), it reads.

Ohno tries to decipher the look Nino is giving him. It's blank and confusing, and Nino might have not liked his surprise. He tries to take the tray back to the counter when one of Nino's hand falls on his wrist. He raises an eyebrow when Nino rushed out of the kitchen, but within seconds, he was back with his phone in his hands.

"It would be a waste if I go eat that without this," Nino starts, "Now, Satoshi, say cheese!"

Ohno is sure he doesn't look good at that picture and he wants to protest. But when he sees the satisfied smile on Nino's lips as he types on his phone, he doesn't try.


"You haven't answered my question yet," Nino says, eyes glued on the television as he tries to bring Mario up one level.

They were sitting on the floor in Nino's living room, with Nino in between his legs, and he reaches for his bag abandoned at the end of the couch.

"Why I am here? Hmm..I wanted to greet you at exactly 12, but you got KO-ed earlier than that. You looked awful sleeping on the table and didn't want to wake you up, so the kind me didn't want to leave unless you were sleeping properly. Then you pulled me down with you when I tried to tuck you in the futon and I couldn't get out of your hold."

"Liar," Nino hits the pause button and turns to pinch both of Ohno's cheeks, making him squeal. "Satoshi, do you know that you talk so much only when you are making up stories?"

Ohno opens his mouth to say something but decides not to, and he can feel himself laughing at that. Of course, as much as he does, Nino knows him too, much more than anyone.

"Seriously, I wanted to greet you at 12, and I wanted to give this to you too." He hands Nino a jar with strips of paper and tells him to open it.

What Nino saw is I love you, Kazu. written differently on each strip of paper.

"Are all these the same?"

Ohno nods.

"I don't get what you are getting at, old man."

"A little reminder, so you won't forget that I love you," and Ohno leans in to kiss him fully on the lips.

"You're crazy," Nino whispers in between kisses, and Ohno can feel Nino's smile on his lips. Before the younger man can kiss him again, he holds his face in between his hands and flashes his most innocent smile.

"At least I am not someone who easily gets jealous."

Nino pouts and he kisses it away. Ohno thinks that he is the most adorable 31-year-old man ever existing.


The next day Ohno sees the other four, he gets teased by Aiba for being such a sweet boyfriend and nudges on Sho to do something, who can only laugh nervously in return. Matsujun who is on the other side of the room is telling him to show a decent face next time and goes to rant about how stupid that looked like. Nino thinks that Jun is just jealous.

Apparently, Nino was so happy and proud that the other three needed to know that I have the sweetest and most amazing boyfriend in the world.

A/N: I am glad I could still open LJ here in the office, it's supposed to be blocked. XD Anyway, a miracle happened again 'cause I was able to write this thing, yay! My everything really loves Kazu and would do anything for him. Again, thanks to manager-san and Isya for never giving up on me (although this doesn't meet you expectation, bbs T^T), and to my mommy xblingblizterzx for always telling me that I can do it. :D

What are you guys up to lately? Me? Still in love with Aoshi and I've watch Yowakate-ending and I miss him already. But I am glad about the ending, too cute. Also, there's Zakiyama!! I love that guy. He's cool and handsome. And I love him as Ebato, plus I ship him with Okadome! EbatoxOkadome 5evah <3 Are there others who ship them? Heehee.

Long A/N is long. Sorry. I missed this. Lol. Now I shall go back to playing Pazudora (one more thing I'm addicted to rn!) and then reading L♥DK (getting ready for Zakiyama when the dvd comes out xD) when I run out of stamina. Jaa~

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