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Intro Post! And my Fic Index. LALALA~

My fic index under the cut :D

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Will he make you feel like you're invincible with every word he'll say?
It's been so long, I have no idea when was the last time I used my LJ to post something. And I opened this again to get some files -- not Arashi files though. lmao.

But anyway, today is a very special day! More than a week ago, I knew I was going to my first Arashi concert in January. Last show of the tour. OMG. Thanks Jessica for hitting the ballot because mine is super unlucky </3 BUT AHHH. I still can't believe it!!! It's not sinking in, even when my friends are so excited for me xD And then today was the result for the Zakuro stage tickets. I GOT TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW OMG. I am seeing Kousuke again in January!! *O*

Welp. Over the year, I have fallen into the 2.5D fandom. I've been watching stage plays and I even went to one on my birthday! My ultimate stage play actor crush -- Asuma Kousuke is his name -- is the perfect Oikawa in haisute. I swear. And he's even more beautiful in person!!! Sobs. And he's making me poor. I've really dedicated all money for Kousuke even though I've only met him in March. In the six months since I've first seen him on my twitter timeline, I've seen him thrice and talked to him personally twice. And in four months, I'll see him again. I THANK ALL MY LUCKY STARS FOR THIS.

Now, I'm really looking forward to my January!! All the reasons to stay alive til then ;w; Arashi concert on January 8th, then Kousuke's stage play on January 21st. 2017 is going to be a good year!!!

#005: But baby if you say you want me to stay, I'll change my mind.......

After rushing an AU report for 30 fucking minutes, I decided to take a break and let my feels out here. Lmao. My bran is fried already and it's only 10? This Yato is literally me right now. XD

Also, this stupid-looking Yato is soooo creeping in my system, I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM. NO. JUST NO. NOPE.

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#004: Hey! Shall we dance tonight?
Finally, I am able to do this while listening to the whole Digitalian concert again, which is btw thanks to this awesome and adorable (fight me xD) person I know. I'm so nice, right? :D

In which Jessamarie spent most part of her birthday watching this concert and it will go under my list of favorite concerts of all time. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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23 years of being alive, I'm so thankful for all the things that happened to me whether good or bad. The good things made me happy and the bad ones taught me important life lessons. I'll be better, I'm getting better as a person, but I'm not rushing to grow up xD I love being a kid. And I think I can let myself be like this as long as I know my priorities. And things have been so great, I've started to see the path I wanted to continue on and everything is falling into place. Some things I've been wishing for have come true already, and I am happy. That's what's important, right? :)

To the people who have stayed with me no matter what I am and who I've become, thank you. I love you.

#020: It's not a bad thing to fall in love with me....or so Aomine says
It's like a blessing in disguise that I can't download my Arashi videos since July 'cause stupid internet freezes if it's direct download but would actually finish my torrents (it sucks, big time). At first it was painful cuz I needed to ask mommy for my Arashi videos but hell, she lives down south and I'm up north that we only meet every one or two weeks.

Thanks to my curiosity about Yamakenken's character in L-DK, I started reading mangas and apparently watch animes again after a looooooooooooooong time. And yeah, I am mostly still alive even after everything that's happened the past few months XD

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So what have I been putting here. I just found an excuse to write about my Aomine-feels. AOMINE DAIKI RECEIVED THE AWARD FOR GREATEST LIFE-RUINER 2014. Suddenly a monster post of nonsense after not being able to open LJ for weeks. It hurts tho, I can't put other icons cuz I already have 15 </3

SuiYan is waiting for me. I hope I get to watch it soon. Because Yamakenken's and okay Yudai too there and it's involves the water and swimwear. =)) ALSO SHIYAGARE AND VSA (my baby looks so good in yellow tonight *__*). I NEED MY ARASHI DOSE. /kicks our router

But for now, I'll continue reading Kamisama Hajimemashita. :D

#018: [FIC] And I Won't Stop Until You Believe It
Title: And I Won't Stop Until You Believe It
Author: iloveohmiya
Pairing: Ohmiya
Length: One-shot
Words: 1,458 words
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Ohmiya.
Summary: Ohno knows, and he understands. Nino isn't even trying to hide that fact.
Notes: Late birthday fic post for Kazu! This came up because of the constant cheering of  nino1711azuki and  ica_90 throwing this prompt back at me (tho I don't think I did justice to that? LOL.) Well thank you, bbs! I definitely missed Ohmiya. T^T Also, shamelessly stealing one line from JT's Not a Bad Thing as title cuz I've been listening to it the whole time I was writing but totally unrelated to this thing. Unbeta-ed. Forgive my mistakes :)

Happy, happy birthday Kazunari!

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#017: Not yet the birthday post, but....
...a sudden realization hit me, and it has something to do with the birthday boy anyway.

(This photo screams of Ohmiya, can you tell? ♥)

I was saving my 17th post this year for Nino's birthday but I can't help but say this here because it's awesome and cool, but at the same time it's a bit sad (a tiny bit sad, about 5% of my feels? Lol).

Nino is turning 31 tomorrow and I will be turning 22 next month, which reminds me that Nino was just 21 when I first saw him and I was 12 then. I was an anime-loving sixth-grader who never had a crush on a human until I watched a music video with a certain boy (YES, A BOY. I THOUGHT HE WAS A TEEN ONLY A FEW YEARS OLDER THAN ME) wearing a black suit, sitting on a chair in the middle of like a stage, with four other guys in suits surrounding him. HE WAS THE CUTEST GUY I EVER SAW THAT MADE MY HEART KYUUUUN~

Whenever I remember this fact, I would always laugh and think, What the fuck did you do to me, Ninomiya?

I never thought I'd reach my 5x10 (yes, 10 years with Arashi on September, yay!) with the same ichiban from the start and actually loving him more and more and more and more over the years. And for many things, I am thankful to him, most especially for making me love Arashi as much as I love him. As for the 5% sadness, it's just that I still haven't gone to any of their concert. Someday, I will. I am happy with the fact that I was able to go to Japan, I just have to keep doing my best and go back there! :D

Nino, himself, is the proof that what he said is right, there really is no end to something you truly love. ♥

(What's with the drama this early. LOL. Okay, I shall get back to work XD)

#016: I touch you, you touch me~

Again, I am too bored here in the office. I am posting this stuff during work hours. Don't worry, I won't get killed. It's Friday and I have done what I was supposed to for the week. I've run out of fics to read too, tho I might get killed cuz I still haven't started on my supposed fic for Nino, I am being forced to write, btw (MANAGER-SAN AND ISYA ARE EVIL, BEWARE YOU GUYS.).

About me meme, which I found somewhere! :)

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#015: Aoshi, Aoshi for Dream~ ♫ ☆
Up until March this year, Ariake Koichi was my favorite.

Then someone new came along. Idk if it was because I met him in Japan (lol, really? XD), or because I got struck by something he said, or because I think he's too cool, or because he is Nino. Well, Koichi is Nino too, but there's just something in Tamo Aoshi that draws me to him every single time.


For weeks now, I have been rambling to my friends how much I like Tamo Aoshi, and the other night, I just had it. Overflowings feels for him. I realized, he's now my favorite Nino-character. He's the most similar to the real Nino (imo), and he's awesome. I love how he looks too, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE WEARS BASEBALL UNIFORM. And I love how his brain works. It might be weird for most people, but he has this sense of reality, everything comes out naturally for him. Idk how to explain it, but Tamo Aoshi may look like a complicated person but in reality, he isn't. He's being realistic?

Lol. I should stop. Idk what I am saying anymore. XD Maybe, I love him so much too because it's Kazu's drama when I went to Japan and I got to watch it real time? Whatever. I LOVE TAMO AOSHI.

True, Yowakate isn't Nino's best drama, but I learn something from each episode, those words from Tamo-sensei, or even words from other characters. I love how the story goes, and how the script was written too.

Also, I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE JOTOKU BASEBALL CLUB. Especially the coach and the captain (yay for Ebato! <3). Hihi. I'd probably be sad when it comes to the final episode, /separation anxiety I will miss theeeeem.

I am glad this has been Nino's comeback-drama ♥

So....instead of doing officework, I am writing this LJ entry. Heehee. /neenja desu


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